Pandora gets significant upgrade on Xbox One with background music


Sound is a vital part of gaming. Whether it’s experiencing a rich story, hearing footsteps in an intense online shooter, or listening to some energizing music, it’s incredibly important. Spotify came to Xbox One last year and has been the primary source for music on the console thanks to the ability to play music and podcasts from the app without being in-game, the vast array of music available, but now players have another option thanks to Pandora.

While Pandora has been on Xbox One for many years, it wasn’t as widely used once Spotify hit the scene. Now, Pandora has released a significant update that makes major changes to both the service as a whole and how it functions on Xbox One.

For starters, background music is available now on Pandora so you can listen while playing your favorite game. On top of that, a new clean UI has been introduced inside the app to make it easier to navigate. If you’re one that likes a curated playlist for your tastes but doesn’t actually feel like digging through tons of songs, there are 250 playlists made by Pandora. If you are really picky, you can get Pandora Premium and create your own personal playlists.

There is also an autoplay function that will keep the music going even if the playlist ends, picking songs that similar to ones you’ve shown an interest in. That way you’ll never have to pause your game to go start a new playlist or find more songs! It keeps a nice flow and makes it all feel very seamless.

The update is now available on Xbox One. You can get a free trial of Premium by visiting

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