[Watch] IGN writer fired for plagiarism responds with YouTube video

Earlier this week, gaming website IGN came under fire when their review for the new indie game, Dead Cells, was called out for plagiarism. IGN opened an investigation and within 24 hours, they fired writer Filip Miucin and issued an apology. Now, Miucin has broken his silence.

In a new YouTube video, Miucin has responded to both the allegations and the backlash that followed in his video and while he claims responsibility… he basically denies the allegations by saying it wasn’t intentional.

“I take complete ownership over what happened with the Dead Cells review. There were a lot of circumstances surrounding it but at the end of the day, I was the editorial lead on it so if anything that makes it my responsibility,” he says before explaining that he does “research” when doing his reviews. “The bottom line is what happened with the Dead Cells review was not at all intentional.”

As someone who has reviewed hundreds of games and films, the process of “researching” for a review like Miucin says is… odd to say the least. Usually, when you get a game for review from the developer/publisher, you’re given a review guide which serves as a giant FAQ for the reviewer. It has the control scheme, details of modes, plot synopsis, and tons more. Not all games include this but should you have questions, you can talk to your PR contact who will help you with any questions you should have.

I’ve never personally heard of a reviewer going and reading/watching other reviews to help formulate their opinions in their review. That essentially defeats the purpose of you reviewing something if you’re just going to regurgitate what someone else says but change a few words.

Miucin also noted that his YouTube channel through which IGN discovered him contains all of his own “original work” and singles out gaming outlet Kotaku by telling them to “keep looking”. This comment comes after Kotaku’s reputable writer Jason Schreier wrote an article in which he pointed out that Miucin’s FIFA 18 review was very similar to one that NintendoLife wrote. Miucin continued to talk down to Schreier, a proven journalist, by saying that he was using Miucin’s names for “clicks” and to “kick him while he’s down”.

All in all, Miucin’s response (not even really an apology, frankly) is one that leaves writers like myself scratching our heads. The evidence was enough not only for IGN to fire him but enough for all of us to come to our own conclusions about what happened yet he claims it wasn’t intentional. While we’re not looking to attack Filip Miucin, it’s bizarre, frustrating, and nothing short of disgusting or disturbing that he won’t fully admit to his actions.

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